Thursday, June 14, 2012

Consider Thai property law guide online before buying property in Thailand

Thailand is one of the most captivating destinations across the world, attracts millions of tourists per year to visit again and again.

The incredible natural beauty and cool environment inspire tourist to stay here permanently. If you are willing to live permanently in Thailand, you need to have a legal home ownership. To purchase a property in Thailand involves lots of complicated processing.

However, the type of procedure depends on the type of property you want to buy in Thailand. There are several types of properties are available you can invest in such as double stories house, condominium and apartment.

Foreigners in Thailand cannot own a property in unless half of the property shares are owned by a Thai limited company. Your stake in property cannot more than 39%. If a Thailand women or man married to a foreigner only then foreigner will be able to own the property. However, the foreigner has to provide the legal declaration that half of the property belongs to the spouse.

Marriage is a legal binding agreement between two partners, enables them to bond their lives, fortunes, responsibilities and finances together as a couple. The majority of marriage exit between a Thailand women or men with foreigners.

Thai rules for divorce include division of assets and debts, custody of children, spouse support and additional agreements. There are several strict laws and rules for buying property Thailand. Foreigners can own a condominium long as less than 40% of the condos or apartment. Moreover, a company can own property such as land or house, but total foreign ownership does not exceed 49%.

There are various type of options are available for buying property Thailand such as purchase of land using property holding company, using Thai nominee as the sole owner and land lease or other similar rights mechanisms.

These days plethora of online sites are available, offering comprehensive information about Thailand property laws and rules. So, if you are looking to own property in Thailand, must consider these sites. Under the law of Thailand, foreigner is entitled to the land ownership for 30 years. During this period, you can renew the land ownership two times.

You can consult lawyer Thailand to obtain approval from the Board of Investment (BOI) before investing in a property. Foreigners can owns property if they have a signatory authority in a local Thai company. Usually, they are entitles to less than 50% of the shares. You can hire lawyer Thailand to get the most alluring, profitable and secured property dealing in Thai.

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