Monday, May 28, 2012

All about Property, Prenuptial Agreements and Marriage in Thailand

Thailand, one of the most important South East Asian countries, has a distinct legal system that tries to keep the people living out here well within some framed laws.

A country, which is financially strong and has a great economic prospect, safeguards the legal rights of its people in a proper way. Thai law has within it some clear outline about family law, property law and corporate law which is mandatory for everyone to abide by. We will discuss here about some of the most important fields where the country exercise these powers quite rigidly.

Buying property Thailand is a major issue with many who want to invest in immovable properties anywhere in Thailand. This happens to be quite a serious issue as one who is planning for such investment must take note of many crucial things that he can never do away with. There is a very clear legal process going by which you can buy your own property in Thailand.

This country is a beautiful place to live in. Therefore a number of foreigners are interested in investing in immovable properties here. You should know about the corporation tax systems, whether the land you are going to invest in had any previous disputes or not, all the legal documents you should check prior to buying and must get into discussion with some good attorney before you engage into the process of buying.

Also you must be aware about any troubles that can take place aftermath and the exact way to resolve them. Therefore you must be completely aware of the Thai laws before you get into buying your own property in Thailand.

All of us more or less know about Prenuptial agreement Thailand which has been quite a buzz in the western countries in recent times. A prenuptial agreement clearly outlines the proper division of all kind of assets (i.e, cash, jewellery, financial assets, material things) between couples after they are divorced. This system saves whole lot of unnecessary troubles both on the couples’ parts.

Prenuptial agreement also states the clauses and laws clearly about what a couple should do with it. Generally this kind of agreement is signed before marriage and in Thailand one can opt for this kind of agreement without any dilemma.

Marriage in Thailand is also a law abiding procedure that involves acceptance of specific legal agreements. A Thai marriage is dependent upon crucial legal bindings like the acceptance of prenuptial agreement if done by parties, divorce settlement and mutual agreement issues and child custody if a divorce takes place post marriage.

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