Thursday, March 29, 2012

Why marriages in Thailand are a grand affair

Most people know how diverse the culture of Thailand and is how they like to celebrate and have their events taken care of in a grand manner.

But there is always some hindrance of some sort with regard to management of the marriage details and that calls for professionals who have been in the circuit for a long time. A marriage anywhere has a lot of minor details which need special attention and that requires a lot planning and sorting out of things from beforehand as there are a lot of issues which will need to tackle before the next day itself when the marriage is expected to take place in full swing.

The first thing to do while managing a Thailand marriage is to get hold of someone who has some prior knowledge or experience in the field and has some amount of dedication to the kind of work that he does. There are a lot of firms and agencies who have been around for a long time and know how they can go about taking the trouble and making all the possible arrangement for the marriage to be a big and grand success.

A notion which most people are familiar is that Thailand women are very particular about what they want and they will go about it in such a way so as to have the best arrangements made for the special day. It is not possible for the family members of the bride and the groom to go about fixing details down to the last detail and so they get hold of agencies who take orders before hand and start getting ready way in advance to avoid any problems later on.

Apart from all these services, another sector which is getting importance because of the insistence of couples to settle in Thailand is because they prefer to stay there and thus there is a high demand for buying property Thailand as it involves a lot of expenditure. Most people get hold of agents and tell them whatever it is that they want.

For example the budget and the location are one such detail which need to be sorted before they agent goes about his hunting work to get hold of a place that he wishes to sell to the party who has asked him to do so. Thus there can be no problem when it comes to issues such as this as there are a lot people available to take care of the details.

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Prenuptial agreements in Thailand are made to preserve the peace

Prenuptial agreements in Thailand are just as the same in other parts of the world. The purpose of such an agreement is to have a clear declaration of the assets of the husband and wife and after marriage who controls them.

It is true that these type of agreements tend to throw some element of doubt into the sanctity and divinity of the institution of marriage, but in a world where disagreements and divorces are a rising phenomena, it is essential to have arrangements such as these in place.

But Lawyers Thailand are entrusted with the duty of coming up with proper prenuptial agreements just to avoid the problem of complications during any disagreements between either party.

Marriage in Thailand is just an auspicious event as it is in other parts of the world. It comes in useful when couples tend to part ways and there is a scuffle regarding who has ownership of which property and what amount. The agreement spells out in detail the right of each person and his or her respective claims.

Absence of such agreements can lead to couples taking each other to court and a long legal battle continues, during which all assets remain frozen till the declaration of the court’s verdict. The notable consequences of such agreements in Thailand can be the fact they lead to a state where couples do not end up on a bitter note, if their differences permit.

The agreement can be termed a blessing as well as a curse. It may be bad when the person who has greater preference in the agreement, chooses to deviate and take the claims leaving the marriage in shambles.

It is only best to hope that such agreements do not give either partner the initiative to leave the Marriage in Thailand only for materialist or material gains. Such agreements in Thailand have been instrumental in preserving the peace between couples even when they have differences which remain unsettled.

For the agreements to be implemented properly, it is mandatory that they be agreed upon in the presence of lawyers of either party, taking into account both their assets, liabilities as well as their other outstanding.

A prenuptial agreement however should not be used as an incentive to move away from the marriage and settle for financial gains. Such agreements may be good in one way but sometimes they also tend to initiate the breaking apart of couples.

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